Ghost of Tsushima’s New Trailer Shows Beauty and Violence


After a brief musical performance, Sony unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Ghost of Tsushima at their press conference during E3.

Taking place in a beautiful valley called the Otsuna Grasslands, we see our protagonist, Jin, watch from a distance as a nearby village burns. Mounting his horse, he rides towards the town, only to encounter enemies along the way. The melee-based combat is hard-hitting and realistic, with all the grace of a samurai. Stealth mechanics, notably a “death from above” style, are showcased as well. The trailer concludes with a gorgeous samurai battle, built with anticipation and patience. This perfectly encapsulates the films of Akira Kurosawa, which were most definitely a huge influence on the game. In addition to our Jin, we are introduced to an older female warrior who wields a bow.

This trailer illustrates absolutely breathtaking scenery in a realistic world. As the horse runs through the grasslands, dirt is kicked up, the wind rustles the trees and grass, and water splashes.

Ghost of Tsushima is exclusive to Playstation 4. Its release date is currently unknown.