Giga Wrecker – Game Freak’s Second PC Game Hits Early Access


Game Freak, best known by its Pokémon series, has published a new game on Steam. Their second PC game, Giga Wrecker, is currently on Early Access, and it’s been developed and published by the company itself.

In Giga Wrecker the player takes the role of a cyborg girl, solves puzzles, and completes stages in a 2D environment using her abilities. The abilities available come in the form of weaponry. For example, the player can break obstacles with a drill, or create platforms by throwing a javelin at a wall. The puzzles of the game are heavily physics-based.

The game is fairly unique among Game Freak’s earlier titles, considering it’s the first one to be part of Steam’s Early Access. Game Freak’s first stab at the PC game market was Tembo the Badass Elephant, released a little over a year ago as a full game.

Game Freak’s goal is to get the game out of Early Access in January 2017. At press time, the game costs $15, and it’s available for purchase on its Steam page. Both the release date and the cost of the game can change in the future, however, if the company decides to further improve its creation.