New God Of War Gameplay Trailer at Paris Games Week


Sony showed off flashy new footage today at their Paris Games Week event of the next entry into the God of War line of games. In the trailer we are introduced to new enemy types and some background information into one of the enemies. We are also given a small snippet of gameplay footage in which Kratos and his son Atreus fight side by side against a small group of enemies in order to progress on their journey together.

In the previous games in the God of War series we see the Spartan warrior, Kratos, take on the Gods and creatures of Olympus in order to avenge his family who Kratos was tricked into killing by his former master Ares, the God of war. With seven previous games in the series, we see Kratos travel to many different sections of Greek while exploring into the region’s mythology and dive into some of the lore of the various god figures throughout history.God of War

The God of War series is comprised of Greek mythology but this new entry into the franchise has Kratos venturing into the realm of Norse mythology. The eighth installment is putting a fresh spin on the series and aims to really give the franchise a new image apart from the previous seven games.

The most notable new mechanic that was not present in earlier games in the series has Kratos taking on the role of a father to Atreus. Kratos is teaching Atreus how to survive in this land full of mythological creatures and gods while trying to start a new life away from his shadows of the past. The introduction of a new character and new mechanic will change how the game feels from the previous ones where Kratos was a blood thirsty warrior on a mission now taking a step back to journey with his son. With Sony Santa Monica at the developer helm of this project, expectations for the next God of War title are very high.

The new entry in the series is set to release in early 2018.