Google Stadia is the Future … but not for Core Gamers

Just before E3 Google announced a few games for the Stadia platform, plus some pricing options. But for those of us who own a console or gaming PC, Google’s offerings may seem  underwhelming. Especially when considering connection and latency issues that streaming services tend to have. Do not underestimate Google Stadia though, as it will be huge … thanks to casual market.

Google is a company that knows where and how you make money. They are aware that to get to the casual market you need to get on the phones. Just look at the success of Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnite, or Roblox. Google understands this, especially that most of the revenue from these games comes through their microtransactions.

This is without a doubt a reason why Google decided to create Stadia. Despite their assurance that this service is for gamers, and having their initial presentation aimed at the core player base, their plan is to primarily get the casual market on board. What better way to do that other than giving people free platform? They know that an initially free service is the perfect way to make money. So where Stadia will really shine is with Free to Play games that lump in additional purchases.

Imagine something like Fortnite making its way to Stadia. Instead of needing a phone or console to play it on, you can just press the pop-up on a YouTube video and play it straight away. This is definitely the plan Google has for this service, seeing they will have Destiny 2 on board day one which soon is going free to play.

Google also made sure to bring as many casual-centric games as they could. So far they have Fifa which is definitely a win, as well as full Ubisoft support. Who not only will bring all their games to Stadia for people to purchase outright but will also have their newly announced subscription service Uplay+ on the platform too. Which compared to Stadia’s subscription service might really appeal to wider market seeing as it offers all of their upcoming games and DLCs.

This is also the reason why Stadia Base is not coming until 2020. Google is waiting for 5G to come around, to release the free service on all android phones bringing games to the casual market. This also quite nicely will line up with next Assassin’s Creed coming out, which is quite convenient.

So why then is Google releasing their subscription based Stadia Pro first? Mainly to test out the service on core gamers. Casual gamers don’t really worry that much about graphical quality, yet Google wants the free service to be playable on phones. The price tag from the get go is a good way to keep out most of the casual player base away. Plus having huge wave of beta testers paying for the privilege is a win win.

Also whenever the free-to-play Stadia Base comes out in 2020, they will have casual players who at that point surely heard of Stadia but didn’t jump on board due to price tag. These potential players seeing the word free attached to what they considered a premium service without the doubt will at least be tempted to try it out. And if there will be enough free to play or cheap games on the service at that point to keep all those players playing, then Google has won.


2020 will be a year of streaming, and Stadia has big chance of becoming the leading platform. Especially that their features seem to almost be made specially for Live Services.

But what do you think of Stadia? Are you on board? Do you think it’ll fail? Tell us in the comments down below.