GPS Episode 19: Jump, Zelda Master Mode, Nintendo in 2017


Episode 19 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Professionals Show (GPS) is now live! We continue to discuss the games we are playing during this light period of releases.

It’s another slow news week for games, but we dive deep into a discussion about Star Wars Battlefront II and Jump, which is a new video game streaming service similar to Netflix. The beta for Battlefront II is going live on October 4th with two modes and maps available. Jump will specialize in indie games and may be a significant step in normalizing the “Netflix style” model for streaming games.

Later in the show, we further discuss the first DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Jordan has been playing for a few hours on Master Mode and doesn’t find it to be very difficult. We also talk about the Hero’s Path, which highlights all of the places that Link has walked within the last 200 hours of game time. It really helps to find places that are untraveled within the huge world.

We get another great listener question this week about where Nintendo is at in 2017 and if the Switch would be worth purchasing for a more casual gamer. For many of us, the console is simply an exclusive machine that we play in between our time with Xbox One and PS4.

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