GPS Episode 26: Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Escapists 2, Nindies, and More

Episode 26 of our gaming podcast, GPS (The Gamer Professionals Show) is now live! During the next three shows, we will be raffling off a $25 GameStop gift card. In order to get your name submitted, simply email a discussion question to This is a great way for us to give back to our fans while getting some of you involved in our discussions!

In the news, there are new games from SEGA’s Yakuza studio, most notably Yakuza Kiwami 2 and a game based on Fist of the North Star. Xbox One X pre-orders have gone live and surprisingly they are selling faster than any other Xbox pre-order. Square Enix have announced a full 3D remake for Secret of Mana and their Final Fantasy XV/Assassin’s Creed crossover event has gone live.

A Nintendo Direct showcase gave us a handful of exclusive and timed-exclusive titles for the Switch. Most notably, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is a direct sequel to the original game. Super Meat Boy Forever was also announced from Team Meat, which is a sequel that introduces some new gameplay elements. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is the console debut of the acclaimed Twin Peaks-esque adventure game. Lastly, Shovel Knight is getting a new campaign expansion called King of Cards.

Later in the show, a listener question prompted us to discuss whether or not we finish games even if we are not enjoying ourselves. A lot of gamers have a problem where they feel the need to finish what they started, which is silly considering the amount of game releases to choose from these days.

During the final segment, we talk a little bit more about The Escapists 2 and give our final thoughts on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. We found it to be a fun experience overall, with familiar gameplay, beautiful set pieces, and great character interactions.

Thanks for listening to the show!

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Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

I'm a freelance writer and musician based out of Providence, RI. I started playing videogames at a young age and I have since developed a love for JRPGs, indie games, shooters, and all things Star Wars. When I am not gaming, I am reading science fiction novels or performing music. Follow me on Twitter @_northernfrost