GPS Episode 33: Visceral, Shadow of War, A Hat in Time, and More

Episode 33 of our gaming podcast, GPS (The Gamer Professionals Show) is now live! Join us this week as we talk about the shocking news that Visceral will be closing and the state of Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game.

Though we don’t have every detail about the once-linear action adventure game set in a galaxy far, far away, it’s safe to assume that the game no longer exists in that state. From what we have gathered, it will be completely dissected and reworked into a shared-world shooter, similar to Destiny. We have a lot to say about this on the show.

In the news, CD Projekt Red respond to negative Glassdoor reviews from ex-employees regarding their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. Nintendo seems open to hosting mature content on the Switch, as DOOM finally gets a release date next month. We’re also glad to learn that Cuphead has sold one million copies since its September 29th release date — a great milestone for the indie darling. Lastly, the ESRB responds to the issue of whether or not loot boxes are considered gambling and require a warning on the game box.

Later on, we talk more Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which is proving to be a great, but very long experience. We’ve also spent 10-15 hours with Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner mode this week, which we found to be fairly underwhelming compared to the first game.

At the end of the show, we discuss the new 3D platformer A Hat in Time, which is by all accounts a wonderful successor to the platformers we know and love on the N64.

Thanks for listening to the show!

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Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

I'm a freelance writer and musician based out of Providence, RI. I started playing videogames at a young age and I have since developed a love for JRPGs, indie games, shooters, and all things Star Wars. When I am not gaming, I am reading science fiction novels or performing music. Follow me on Twitter @_northernfrost