GPS Episode 49: Florence, Owlboy, DICE Awards, and More

Episode 49 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! This week we are talking about Florence and finishing up our discussion of Owlboy from last episode.

Starting off the news segment, we are talking about the System Shock remake being put on hiatus, ultimately leading to an 18-24 month delay. The team at Nightdive Studios, who are developing the game, issued an official statement saying that they are reassessing their path with the remake.

This week was also the DICE Awards, which is always full of interesting talks, lectures, and analyses of the industry. A few that we wanted to highlight are Phil Spencer’s discussion of the importance of diversity of the industry, Maja Moldenhauer’s talk about her work as executive producer and artist on Cuphead, and a few more.

In lighter news, there is a remake for Burnout Paradise which is slated for a March 16th release of this year. This will include all previously released DLC and eight player online multiplayer. Also in production is a Sonic the Hedgehog feature film, which of course has us a little worried. This leads us into a discussion about the number of video game movies currently in production and if they could ever do an MCU-esque compilation film.

We’re both really excited to talk further about Owlboy, which Jordan took the time to play to completion this week. The story and gameplay are fantastic in this game, telling a beautiful story about misfits and the power to change the world. This is a fantastic game to play on the Switch, so spend that $25 and experience it!

In our final topic, I played Florence on iOS, which is the first mobile game I have ever purchased. After a lot of buildup surrounding the game, I decided to check it out for myself, which was a wonderful, low-commitment decision. Centered around Florence, a 25 year old woman who falls in love, the game takes you through her life and emotional state over a few years in her life. It’s a great 30-45 minute experience that almost anyone can appreciate.

We hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening!

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Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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