GPS Episode 56: Awesome Indies at PAX East, Radical Heights, and More

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Episode 56 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! This week we are talking all about PAX East and all the great indie games that we played there. There was an additional Thursday this year, which meant it was four full days of back-to-back appointments.

In the news, we discuss the newest game from Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key studio called Radical Heights. This is the latest take on the immensely popular battle royale genre, but it puts its own spin on things. Fully embracing a cheesy 80s theme, Radical Heights features a game show element, along with neon lights, lots of color, and all sorts of wacky challenges. We talk about if battle royale has become a new shooter mode like “team deathmatch” or if it is simply a trend.

New games are going to be added to the Xbox backwards compatability program. There are 19 new original Xbox title included The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindJade Empire, Blinx: The Time Sweeper, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Conker: Live and Reloaded, and a slew of Star Wars games. There are a lot of great titles in this batch, but we agree that after this, there won’t be many more quality Xbox titles to choose from.

Destiny 2 is getting a new expansion called Warmind, which releases on May 8th. We’ve both fallen off of the game pretty hard, and it’s going to take a lot to bring us back. It will be interesting to see what reception for Warmind is like, especially after Curse of Osiris left so many people wanting more.

In our main topic, we are running through all the great indie games that I played at PAX East 2018. We try to give them all a few minutes each. PAX is great because it’s mostly all about indie games. I chose to talk about some of the games that really impressed me and seemed promising. Here’s a list of the games that we talk about, in order:

Black Future 88

The Messenger

The Gardens Between

Ion Maiden

Fox n Forests


Destination Primus Vita

City of Brass

Planet Alpha

Yoku’s Island Express


My Memory of Us

Pixel Ripped: 1989

Outer Wilds

Donut County

We hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening!

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