Gravity Rush 2 Officially Announced For PS4


In what is likely to be an exciting reveal to fans of the popular Vita flagship title, Gravity Rush 2 has been officially announced for the PS4. Boasting quite a few new additions to the already well-crafted gravity-bending formula laid down in the first game, the sequel to the relatively popular Vita flagship title aims to advance both its graphics and mechanics using the increased system power provided with the PS4.

What sort of gameplay additions can players expect? As the recent Playstation Blog post explains:

In the sequel to the acclaimed PS Vita original, you’ll have brand new gravity-shifting options and combat mechanics at your disposal. Kat can now use three gravity styles that add more variety and combat options: Normal, Lunar, and Jupiter.

In Lunar style, the force of gravity is reduced, making Kat lighter and quicker. In Jupiter style, gravity is increased, slowing down Kat’s movements but making her more powerful. You can switch between Kat’s three gravity styles seamlessly to combine the styles into different combos for each situation.

Also new to Gravity Rush 2 is the Tag Battle system which pairs you up with an AI-controlled ally to take on the more serious opposition like Raven assisting Kat.

The two new gravity styles are sure to be rather interesting to experiment with while you’re whooshing around the expanded open world, and the Tag Battle system will hopefully allow for some increased versatility over the rather monotonous combat system present in the first title.

While there has been no announced release date for the sequel, players can expect an updated rerelease of the original on the PS4 at some point this coming February.

Source: PS Blog


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