Gravity Rush Remastered Set to Land in February


While we previously discussed the upcoming release of the PS4-exclusive Gravity Rush 2, the accompanying remake of the original Gravity Rush largely flew under the radar. Now, Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed a physical release of Gravity Rush Remastered for both American and European audiences.

The original Gravity Rush served as a launch title for the PS Vita back in 2012, and was a popular exclusive title for the system. It received a number of additional DLC packs, all of which will be included in the Remastered collection.

Gravity Rush Remastered is set to land on the PS4 on February 9 next year for North America, arriving a day later for European fans. A previous announcement alluded to a solely digital release for North American audiences, but SCEA has effectively quelled that allusion.

Source: VG247