Guild Wars 2 Now Free-to-Play

In an announcement from developer ArenaNet, it was revealed that the popular MMORPG Guild Wars 2 will be eschewing their current buy-to-play model, becoming the latest in the long-list of MMOs to adopt the free-to-play system.

Until this point, players were required to pay a one-time fee to access the game. This model stood apart from the standard subscription-based model, in which recurring payments were necessary for continuing access. In-game purchases remain available, but the bulk of the games’ content will be available completely free of charge.

The restrictions for the free to play accounts are listed as follows:

  • Free accounts starts with less bag slots/character slots than paid accounts.
  • No map wide chat for free accounts.
  • Whispers every 30 seconds.
  • You can access the trading post but can’t mail stuff to other players.
  • World vs. World restricted to Level 60 on free accounts.

There are more restrictions which are detailed here.

The full streaming client for Guild Wars 2 is available for download from the official website.


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  1. Played a lot of the first one years ago. Never tried 2. May have to give it a try.

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