Halo 5 Receiving Infection Mode

Along with the classic Firefight game mode, 343 Industries is planning to bring back the popular Infection mode from previous installments. During the Ghosts of Meridian livestream today, the developers announced the mode would be making a return in Halo 5: Guardians.  In Infection, one player starts as an infected while everyone else is a normal soldier. The infected player then tries to kill the other players, in turn making them join the infected team. Below is a teaser trailer of the zombie-like game mode.

Halo 5‘s new free update, Ghosts of Meridian, will be coming out later this week. It will be the fifth free update since the launch of the game in October of 2015. Along with the new game modes, Ghosts of Meridian will include two new maps and more weapons and armor to customize your spartan with. The next update is titled Memories of Reach, though its contents and release date have yet to be revealed.


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