Halo Infinite Confirms Multiplayer Split-Screen

Fan excitement for Halo Infinite has grown even further with the announcement of an array of new details regarding the upcoming game. During a Mixer Stream, 343 Industries went onto tell players what types of new features they should be expecting.

During the social stream, which was held this past Wednesday, it was confirmed that Halo Infinite will indeed have 4-player split-screen gameplay, ending the fan speculation about whether or not the split-screen would be making a comeback. In the previous instalment, Halo 5: Guardians, the developer made the tough decision not to include a classic split-screen multiplayer mode, which was met with upset from the franchise’s audience. However, it’s now been officially announced that Halo Infinite will once again have multi-player capabilities of this style. In the past, the lead writer of 343 Industries, Jeff Easterling, also made it very clear that there will definitely not be a battle royale mode included within the game.

343 Industries have also stated that the player customization for Halo Infinite has been inspired by Halo Reach. The developer has also teased that Master Chief’s new design in the game is the coolest yet, but details are scarce.

While players don’t know masses about the game’s narrative or what they can exactly expect, it has been confirmed that Master Chief is once again going to act as the protagonist of the title. The game’s storyline will be set after the events that unravelled in Halo 5.

However, despite this new information being announced, Halo Infinite might still be far off in the future. 343 Industries have already confirmed that they’re working on an entirely new engine for the game, which may further push its release date backwards. In the meantime, players can rest easy knowing that the split-screen will be returning once again.

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