Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan New Deck Archetypes


On the first of December, The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion was released for Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Featuring 132 new cards, this expansion will result in one of the largest active card pools Hearthstone has ever seen. In addition, this expansion features a number of new tri-class cards, capable of being utilized by any of the 3 classes specified on the card.

With the release of new expansions comes the inevitable scramble to discover the new strongest decks that will soon recreate the meta. Here are general descriptions of a few decks that have stood out amongst streamers and high-legend players on the first week of the expansion. Feel free to build your own variations of the following archetypes!

  1. Pirate Warrior

Pirate warrior has appeared to be so powerful and prominent this first week, that some friends of mine have named this expansion “The Meme Streets of Piratezan.” This deck features a number of weapons, and the new legendary card Patches the Pirate. With the addition cards like of Patches and Small-Time Buccaneer, the previous versions of pirate warrior have only become stronger. Applying early pressure and constantly buffing your weapons allows this deck to pressure the opponent’s health total quite efficiently. It remains to be seen whether this deck is here to stay, or like the old pirate variations, is only strong during the first couple weeks of experimentation.


2. Jade Golem Druid

One of the new mechanics introduced by Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is the addition of Jade Golems. Jade Golem cards begin by summoning 1/1 Jade Golems, which ramp up by +1/+1 every time you summon a new Jade Golem. Containing typical mana ramp cards and removal spells, this deck seeks to ramp up and play high numbers of removal spells and Jade Golem cards. This deck typically runs Fandral and other mid game threats, along with a copy of Gadgetzan Auctioneer for cycle. To top it off, these lists almost always contain the new legendary Aya Blackpaw, for a decent-sized threat, as well as the additional Jade Golem. Some players have predicted this deck is a little too slow to deal with the hyper-aggressive decks, but others have had promising results.


  1. Dragon Priest

Dragon Priest is definitely in a better position than before the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion. Two new cards stand out in a big way. The first card that stands out is the Drakonid Operative, a 5 mana-cost 5/6 that discovers a card from your opponent’s deck if you have a dragon. This card creates a new card for you, while putting down a nice mid-ranged threat, something the old dragon priest was lacking. The second card featured in the new Dragon Priest deck is the 6 mana-cost card Dragonfire Potion. This card deals 5 damage to all minions that are not dragons, essentially providing an extremely high damage board clear mechanism that can swing the tempo of the game. If it curves out properly, the Dragon Priest can definitely be a major threat.


These three decks only scratch the surface with respect to the number of possible decks now available after the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. In the coming weeks, players will continue to create and polish new decks to climb the ladder and form the new meta. I hope these decks help everyone to get started this season! Best of luck navigating the mean streets!

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