Here’s What We Learnt About PlayStation VR Games During Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony has really been pushing PlayStation VR recently, and its E3 conference is no exception to this. First off, the unique first person shooter, Superhot is coming to PlayStation VR. This game is perfect for VR and will be a nice addition to PlayStations library in general.

Superhot comes to PlayStation VR

A new game that was revealed for VR was Starchild, a title that appears to be a 2.5D platformer with robots and bright colors. It will be interesting to see more from the futuristic side-scroller, as typical VR games tend to stick to a first-person perspective.

Starchild for PlayStation VR

The developer of Until Dawn Supermassive Games are developing two experiences for us to enjoy. Bravo Team, a military shooter, and perhaps the more intriguing Inpatient. Inpatient takes the player into a Mental Hospital, where we will most likely have to run away from people with big knives a lot. Sound familiar?

The last new title revealed during the conference was Moss, where your desire to play as a Mouse with big ears and a sword can be fulfilled. It’s nice to see VR branch out to more genres and experiment with different playstyles. Aside from the 4 new games we got, Skyrim is finally coming to PlayStation VR and Final Fantasy XV is getting a fishing game. If you’re one of those people that like the fishing mini-games in JRPG’s, then this one’s for you.

If you want to hear about more VR titles in the future then stick around here on Gamer Professionals. Also don’t be afraid to let us know whether you’ll be picking up any of these games, and what you thought of Sony’s E3 Conference this year.

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