Heroes of The Storm: Inside the HGC Pressure Cooker

Following this year’s Blizzcon, the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene has experienced yet another “Roster-pocalypse” as players prepare for some of the fiercest competition yet. The stakes have never been higher.

Throughout these next two weeks, players from around the world will battle in a series of qualifiers to secure their spots in the ‘Heroes of The Storm Global Championship’ (HGC). This newly created, and highly anticipated league, will consist of the top 8 teams from each region, who will be guaranteed both compensation and regular competition. This amount of job security and financial certainty is something competitive Heroes players are ready to fight tooth and nail for.


For those community members familiar with the Heroes scene, there might be concern that 8 spots is a few too many. Viewers will be left withstale competition from Blizzard featuring the same teams that have existed since the game’s release. To keep these tournaments high-intensity, Blizzard has upped the ante by providing for an ‘Open Division’ to ensure the HGC only features the best of the best.

Twice a year, the bottom two teams in the HGC will have to defend their spot against the top two teams of the ‘Open Division’ in the ‘HGC Crucible’, as explained in the graphic below. This should encourage teams in the Open Division to continually work hard in an effort to dethrone the weakest HGC teams.


Blizzard’s format for this new league can be highly rewarding for players who work hard. The Heroes pro scene is acutely aware of just how intense the coming season will be, as well as how much it can mean for their future. Khroen of GaleForce eSports will be competing with his teammates this week for one of the North American HGC spots. “The bottom two teams having to compete for their spots incentivize teams to try a lot harder, rewarding roster stability and increased practice,” he says, “With the $20,000 minimum per player on the line, the pressure is constantly on to perform well enough to stay on that Top 8 level of play. Being in the Top 8 will allow me to treat gaming as a career. This money will be the money I use to sustain myself and live off of.”

Hundreds of players around the world with similar goals and dreams will be preparing for the fights of their lives, to earn a shot at playing in the HGC. $100,000 dollars minimum per team and gaining the recognition that comes from participation in the HGC is going to be every team’s top priority. The next chapter of Heroes of the Storm is one you simply DO NOT want to miss!

To catch all of the HGC Qualifiers action, tune in to twitch.tv/BlizzHeroes!

Want to play Heroes of the Storm yourself? Join up for free! http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/game/

Published by Daniel Gregory

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