Horizon And Lego Is The Perfect Match

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, the Lego Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4 was announced. At first, I was perplexed. But after time congesting the news, I am rather excited.

Forza Horizon 3 introduced the Hot Wheels expansion. In my opinion, this was one of the best expansion packs of all time. It introduced a new Hot Wheels world – one where you could drive upside-down on loops, and a T-rex would appear out of nowhere. Yes, it was wacky.

Based of this initial trailer, I am getting the same wackiness feeling from this Lego expansion. Once again, a new world is included – hopefully adding longevity to the game. We will also have new event types, and new Lego themed challenges to dive into.

The Forza Horizon series has also been known for its fun, arcade racing. It is completely over the top, and that’s what I love about it. The Hot Wheels expansion to Forza Horizon 3 kept me coming back for months. Prior to the release of the expansion, I felt done with the game – the Hot Wheels expansion brought a new lease of life.

Similarly, I feel done with Forza Horizon 4, and have done for many months now. The Fortune Island expansion failed to grab me and I am getting tired of the main map ( despite it being my homeland!).

The Lego expansion has me very interested – something I can hopefully come back to for the months to come. We wont have long to wait for the Lego Speed Champions expansion as it releases this Thursday!






Published by Callum Jones

Full-time student from Birmingham, England. All round gaming nerd, who wants to write about it for a living!