How to Access the Bloodborne DLC

Like any From Software DLC release, you’re going to need to be told how to access your fresh new purchase. If you’re like me, your main Bloodborne character is sitting in the Hunter’s Dream at the beginning of a playthrough, and you’ll need a comprehensive list of what needs to be done. Here’s everything you need to do to enter the first area of The Old Hunters, the Hunter’s Nightmare:

  • Update Bloodborne and download the DLC
  • Defeat Father Gascoigne to gain access to the Cathedral Ward
  • Open the main gate in the Cathedral Ward to access Vicar Amelia in the Great Cathedral
    • You can buy a key from the Bath Messenger for 10,000 Blood Echoes after defeating the Cleric Beast (more expensive, but the simplest way)
    • Alternatively, you can kill the Blood-Starved Beast which unlocks a route through Odeon Chapel you can follow past the gate (more time consuming, less expensive)
  • After defeating Vicar Amelia, examine the altar in the room where you fought her to trigger a cutscene
  • Return to the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger
  • From the Cathedral Ward lamp in Odeon Chapel, take the left-hand exit to enter a square
  • A Lesser Aymgdala will have appeared in this area and standing in the right-hand corner, by a tree and the corpse with the capeless Hunter’s Garb, will trigger an event transporting you to the Hunter’s Nightmare
  • Light the lamp in the Hunter’s Nightmare to freely travel to this new area

The Bloodborne DLC The Old Hunters releases today, November 24th, adding hours of new content, new weapons, and runes. Will you be playing The Old Hunters? Share your thoughts below.

Published by Ruben Circelli

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