How Will Virtual Reality Mature in 2017?

In the year 2016; Virtual Reality was easily the biggest product to break out. It was met with a lot of hype, and some disappointment. One thing that we do know for certain, the jury is still out on the hardware. Some say it has already failed, others say it is too early to tell how much it will flourish.

Oculus Rift in showcase for Virtual Reality in 2017
The Rift had a strong following out of the gate, but with all the hype calm, how will it perform in 2017?

The year 2017 promises newer, faster, and stronger technology to play with for all the gamers out there. Whether you play on a console or on a PC, there is new stuff coming your way. Virtual Reality got off to fast start, the Oculus Rift was back ordered for five months when it first became available for pre-order.

The enthusiasm for the product was there, the problem (in my opinion) is the games just haven’t quite made it as far along. A lot of developers who made games for the Rift early on did not make games with a lot of depth, and instead piggy-backed on the hype around the technology itself.

An example would be Eve: Valkyrie, it’s a solid game, sure, but it does not have lasting appeal once the novelty of Virtual Reality wears off—and it does wear off. Once you’ve settled down and realized that while Virtual Reality space combat is awesome, it does not make up for the game’s repetitive feel.

War Thunder screenshot for the Virtual Realiy in 2017
War Thunder is a fantastic game without Virtual Reality, adding support for the hardware only helps to add to the game’s success.

Going forward, developers should be aware that they need to make games that will do great even if it didn’t support Virtual Reality in the first place. Take Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder for instance. It was a great game before Virtual Reality was released, and with the addition of VR support has only seen it improve.

That’s all Virtual Reality really is, an improvement.

PlayStation VR may be the piece of the puzzle that fits everything together. Sony is very adamant about their support for the technology and is actively pursuing some serious I.P’s for their new entertainment platform.

Ace Combat 7 could be the game that really brings out the hardware and shows its full potential. The game had a brief trailer shown at the PlayStation Experience event in 2016, and it looks impressive. Horror games like the upcoming Resident Evil also stand to benefit greatly from the added immersion of Virtual Reality.

Aside from the games, the hardware itself is destined to be refined and improved. After all, this is only the first generation of fully developed Virtual Reality hardware. This coupled with bigger and better graphics cards produced by both Nvidia and AMD for the exact purpose of bringing out the best in Virtual Reality for 2017.

With the technology out and available (after a long time waiting), 2017 should be the year where it is cultivated nicely and brought forward into the mainstream gaming scene. The potential is there, now it’s up to those who make the titles for it to step up.


Published by Edward Angell

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