Hungrybox Wins Smash Melee EVO 2016 Championships

Photo credit Enthusiast Gaming from EGLX 2016.

EVO 2016 is currently ongoing and rapidly approaching its conclusion with the conclusion of the Street Fighter V Grand Finals. Just before that, however, Super Smash Bros. Melee just closed its grand final, and crowned a winner in Team USA’s Hungrybox.

Hungrybox, whose real name is Juan Deibeidma, solidified his status as the best Smash Melee player on the planet, an enormous win that breaks the chain of several second place finishes. His grand final journey today was incredible to watch, starting with a rough loss to Plup, and being moved to the loser’s bracket. The loser’s bracket winner can still place, but must win an additional set of matches in order to take the tournament win.

After taking the loser’s bracket by storm, Hungrybox moved back to the main competition, and faced off against Alliance’s [A]rmada, one of the other proclaimed Five Smash Gods. The matches went all the way to the final rounds, with both players tied at two wins apiece for the set. Hungrybox proceeded to take the set, and as per loser’s bracket rules, needed to win another set to secure his victory.

As we know, he proceeded to do exactly that, and in a close match that ended when [A]rmada’s Fox failed to grasp the ledge. In a tremendous display of emotion, Hungrybox proceeded to collapse to the floor, quickly rising in excitement. His emotions went all around the roller coaster; from strained to disbelief in winning the loser’s bracket match, to joy when he secured that EVO championship. Twitter user Nebtune, from PVP Live, captured the moment.

It’s no doubt a monumental win for him, and I definitely sympathize with [A]rmada as his victory slipped from his grasp. It was a close call, and will be interesting to see how he comes back to try and take back the crown. Either way, huge congratulations to all the participants.