Introducing a mechanical gaming keyboard from IOGEAR; advertised as durable, reliable and stylish. I must say IOGEAR delivered very well. Gaming keyboard is kind of a vague term and most keyboards with this label only have some bells and whistles. Right out of the box we can see the HVER keyboard has LED backlit keys ‘hovering’ over an anodized brushed aluminum frame. This first glance was indeed what caught my eye. Once I started using it the other merits of the HVER popped out quickly. The simplicity of the design is pleasing to the eye, and fits well into most desk set ups.

HVER keyboard

Showing off all three color settings

Sitting on the desk, the HVER looks very sturdy, pleasingly simple and quite stylish. The way the keys protrude away from the brushed aluminum board add a little uniqueness while the three different colors of LED personalize it further. The aluminum chaise gives the appearance of extreme durability while adding a little weight, a slightly modern look and making it harder to move by accident. Sitting next to my mismatched pc gear, this keyboard really ties it all together. Being able to choose between dark/light blue or green made it easy to match up with my mouse and headset. What if LED keyboards give you a head ache? They thought about you too! You can turn the LED off completely or by holding down the Fn (function) key you can adjust the brightness of the whole board with page up/down keys.

HVER keyboard

The action is very smooth with this plunger design.

The first thing I noticed was the action of the keys. The HVER keyboard has a plunger key design that mimics mechanical keyboards pretty well. It is the closest keyboard to a middle ground I have found. Beyond that it’s obscenely quiet! Once the writer in me was sated, I turned to hard gaming. Most of my life I have gamed on console so my fingers are still very clunky on a keyboard. The HVER has two major features to help with just that. With 26 anti-ghosting keys, most of my miss presses won’t be registered! I’m sure this adds a little to the distance you have to press to register real keystrokes, but with how smooth the action is, this was a very minor issue. It also features a lock for the Windows key to prevent accidentally opening menus during gameplay. I found this very useful, being new to pc gaming. Nothing is more frustrating than getting popped out of a multiplayer game, just to close the start menu. The handiest features I found are alternate functions for the ‘F1-F12’ keys. Conveniently labeled for media control to further prevent interrupting games.

HVER keyboard

Windows key lock helps when gaming.

For $35 plus shipping this is a great choice for gamers and pc lovers in general. I really enjoy this keyboard. It has quite a few of the things I think are important like functionality and durability with only a few downfalls. This keyboard has no wrist support, which fits it’s style but long term gaming/typing leaves me a little sore. Some of the bells and whistles I enjoyed before the HVER keyboard just aren’t here. My previous keyboard had audio and mic ports as well as a USB. Adjusting to the lack of these was quick and easy and in the end I have more free space in the back of my tower. It’s also smaller than most gaming keyboards but not by too much. I really like that it feels tight but not cramped. In conclusion I would buy this keyboard for any gamer that plans to switch from console to pc, or needs a cheaper substitute. The HVER keyboard surprised me in both capability and functionality with a unique simplistic style to boot. So do I think this is a good keyboard? Solid yes. What do I think about the cost? This keyboard is well worth the cost! Looking at known brands, this is by far the cheaper route for basically the same features.