I Still Can’t Believe These Maniacs Added Ridley

Hits the "Big Time," indeed.


What a time to be alive. Here I am in this press room, where just yesterday, the working professionals in here completely lost it when Ridley got revealed as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, after years of fans demanding him as a character in some way, shape, or form.

We need to talk that trailer first, though. The CGI on that was incredibly well done, and I would personally love to see Nintendo make more of those, even though they’re pricy to produce. It was ominous, and while we may have been fake-crying about Kylo Ren, it was insane to realize that both Mega Man and Mario, who had been accompanying Samus, were actually killed. For Nintendo standards, that’s just dark. To add even more salt in the wound, Ridley, being the brute that he is, arrogantly twirls Mario’s hat on his finger. I have to hand it to Masahiro Sakurai, he kept Ridley in character. Seeing that look on Samus’s face too – despite having the helmet cover her face, they did a surprisingly good job conveying the emotion in her eyes.

Nintendo’s in a really interesting spot with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and I’m interested in seeing how Ultimate plays out. I’ll be demoing the game later today during an appointment with Nintendo on the E3 show floor, so I look forward to seeing how things have changed since Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. I like the many characters in the roster, and seeing new mechanics and updates. With the game coming out in December, it’s going to be an interesting wait. Now, Nintendo, where’s that Metroid Prime 4, hmm?