The Impatient E3 Trailer

One of the new PlayStation VR games announced at the Sony E3 press conference is The Impatient. It’s one of two VR exclusives for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. This new horror styled title comes straight from Sony Interactive and Supermassive Games. The cinematic trailer has a 1950s styled setting with an emphasis on hospitals and experimentation.

The Impatient is set 60 years before Until Dawn. Nik Bowen, one of the developers assured fans that playing through Until Dawn is not a requirement to enjoy the game. This psychological horror will feature a completely new cast. Players take on the role of a patient in the Blackwood Sanatorium. The goal is to make it through the Sanitarium and discover who you are and why you are there. To do this, you’ll have to interact with the patients and staff. Each one has their own agenda and whatever choices you make will have consequences.

Because it is a VR game, the developers have gone out of their way to fully immerse players. If you look down, you’ll see your own body. If you say some, the game will register your voice.

websiteSony has yet to announce a specific release date. Their says the game will launch sometime in 2017.

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