Indivisible Prototype Hits Steam

Indivisible, the Action-RPG developed by Lab Zero, has made it’s way to the Steam storefront with a free playable prototype. This prototype is identical to the version over on the game’s IndieGoGo page, but it stands to reach a wider audience by tapping into the Steam market.

For those unfamiliar, Lab Zero recently brought us a stellar fighting game in Skullgirls. This marks their first foray into the RPG genre, and general reactions so far have been positive. With an enticing and eye-catching art style, a creative and colourful cast of characters, and a mix of Metroidvania and Valkyrie Profile gameplay, Indivisible has a lot to offer, and is certainly worth investigating for fans of the genre.

The Indivisible IndieGoGo campaign is still underway, with 10 days remaining. The team at Lab Zero remains about $400,000 short of their initial $1.5 million goal. Although Indivisible currently has a publisher attached in 505 Games, they have only agreed to cover $2 million in costs, of the $3.5 million that Lab Zero estimated. This leaves the current goal of $1.5 million to be covered by crowd-funding. For more information, check out their pitch over here.

Source: Reddit

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