Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 1: Who Should You Play?


Author’s Note: This post assumes that you already own and have spent, at least, a day with Injustice 2. 

Now that Starfire has finally released for Injustice 2, gamers have the chance to play with all three characters from the Fighter Pack 1 DLC expansion of the game. If you bought the Deluxe Edition of Injustice 2, then you already have access to all of these characters. For those of you that did not, I bet you are wondering if it is actually worth buying these three fighters now.

Under the Red Hood

First off is Red Hood. As a long-time comic book fan of Red Hood, I forced myself to play as him and improve at using his skillset. Otherwise, I may not have tried. Red Hood is a mid-range fighter, which I think are the hardest to use. He has very few moves that can do any damage from a distance, and his close quarter juggles are quick, but not all that powerful. His meter burns and super do not do that much damage either.

Red Hood is at his best when he is a couple arms’ length away from his opponent. From this distance, he can throw out a mine that stuns an enemy, priming them for a quick juggle. He also has quite the reach, so he can lunge out and smack people around before they have a chance to close the gap. Once he is in close, he has to strike fast and get out, preferably with his electrified pistols. They hit hard and fast, and once they connect, it is very difficult for an opponent to counter. If a bruiser has you caught, Red Hood can use his counter, pistols, or shuriken to clear the air and get back to that perfect mid-range placement.

Since placement is so important with Red Hood, he is a difficult character to master. Considering how weak most of his attacks are, I am not completely positive he is worth the time and patience to master anyway. However, if you are willing to devote the time, playing as Red Hood will give you a fast, varied set of combos that keep an opponent always just out of reach.

Prepared for Mortal Kombat

Up next is Sub Zero. This ninja is all about getting in close and peppering his foes to death, before retreating behind frozen clones of himself.

Sub Zero’s combos are a bit easier to pull off than Red Hood’s. If you happen to mess up, he can take a decent amount of punishment too. If you decide to play as him, you will want to master his frozen clone and slide ability as quickly as possible. The former is phenomenal at both defense and offense, blocking punches and long range attacks, as well as providing an environmental hazard to throw or means of freezing enemies in place and priming them for a combo. Sub Zero’s ice slide allows him to close gaps with remarkable speed. If your enemy is nimble enough to dodge your frozen copies, and then lucky enough to escape your icy stabs, then the slide ensures that they do not completely escape.

Sub Zero is a solid character. It is a little disappointing to see a Mortal Kombat character in a video game centered around DC Comics, especially considering all the ice-related heroes and villains DC has, but Sub Zero’s brutal finishers more than makes up for my disappointment.

One Hot Teenager

Finally, there is the alien princess Starfire. Of the three characters to come out of Injustice 2’s first DLC pack, Starfire is, by far, the easiest to play. Her combos are incredibly simple, so they are not difficult to pick up. Almost all of her attacks pack a mean punch too, and she is able to deal out the damage up close, at mid-range, or from across the stage. She is never really ever at any sort of disadvantage. Even her super deals plenty of pain. The main issue with Starfire is that, because her combos are so simple, they are easy to remember. If you are facing an experienced opponent, they will know that there are only so many combos you can try once you start attacking. It is pretty easy to recognize and counter Starfire with ease.

95% of Starfire’s moves have a meter burn attached to them, so if you keep the combos going and keep that super meter full of energy, you can just keep juggling and juggling and juggling until your opponent is dead. Of course, this means that it is moderately difficult for Starfire to ever actually use her super, as playing her at her best means that you will constantly be venting her meter. It is also pretty hard to ever win clashes as well. Not that you will want to be clashing much anyway, as Starfire’s quips leave much to be desired.

Starfire is best suited for players that prefer burning their meter and performing combos as opposed to ones that rely on a super or successful clash near the end of a fight to turn the tide.

I think she is a very interesting character to use, and will probably be my new main now that I have specced out both Red Hood and Supergirl/Power Girl.

Outlaw, Ninja, or Alien?

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If you are just starting out with Injustice 2, then Starfire should definitely be considered for purchase, but I cannot say the same for both Red Hood and Sub Zero. Red Hood just takes a lot of practice and he may not be worth all the time you have to devote to mastering him. Sub Zero is cool and all, but there is nothing he can do that you will not find playing with Captain Cold/Mr. Freeze, other than a faster means of freezing your opponent’s character in place until your opponent finally throws their controller in a frustrated rage. Which, for some of you out there, might be worth it.

Buy Starfire if you are looking for an easy way to start the game, Red Hood if you are looking for a challenge, and Sub Zero if you like trolling your opponents. You could buy all three, but each fighter is so different, that I find it doubtful that you will actually like, and therefore master, all three of them. I would just pick two and save your money for future DLC characters. I would definitely go with Red Hood and Starfire if you are still unsure of who to pick.

Which of the fighters from Injustice 2’s first pack is your favorite, or, if you do not quite like any of them, who is your normal go-to fighter? Before learning how to play with Red Hood, I was all about Power Girl, but I have grown a little tired of using her, so I am excited to find another fierce fighter worthy of my time in Starfire.