Inside Xbox Is Set to Premiere on March 10th


On March 10th at 12:00pm PST, Inside Xbox will go live. Inside Xbox is will share news, game information, and communicate about all the happening within Micrsoft’s gaming side to Xbox fans. To kick things off, Inside Xbox will have a live news broadcast that will disclose announcements and show what Team Xbox has been up to. This event is a great way for Microsoft to interact with the Xbox community, to talk about game design, and upcoming games, and new features from that month.

In the debuting episode, the hosts of the show will discuss Sea of Thieves with Rare, the game’s developer. In this segment, they will talk about the design of the game, how they are using feedback from the Closed Beta, and what fans should look forward to during the game’s launch. Some other information is regarding the Xbox Games Pass, new features for the console, and a discussion about Player Unknown Battlegrounds with Microsoft Studios Executive Producer Nico Bihary.

Also, community engagement is important during Inside Xbox so they ask that people use #insidexbox to drop a comment or question on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Your post might get featured on the show so it is a good opportunity to show off your achievements! Xbox is hoping to make this a monthly event which will allow them to keep the community updated and get feedback from their large, and diverse, player base.

Inside Xbox can be watched on Xbox’s Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer channels. If you participate during this event, you may be able to grab some free prizes and enter into larger giveaways. As icing on the cake, if you already have an account on Mixer and have also linked it with your Microsoft account, then you will qualify for MixPot giveaways as well.