Insomniac Games on Spider-Man DLC, The Heist

Insomniac Games has discussed their new DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man with PlayStation Blog. The Heist is the first of three chapters of post-launch content for The City That Never Sleeps DLC Series. Releasing on October 23rd, this new add-on for Marvel’s Spider-Man centers around Felicia Hardy, AKA Black Cat.

In a post from Ryan Smith, Game Director at Insomniac Games, Smith said “We’re thrilled to continue expanding our original Spider-Man universe with this first of three add-on chapters.”

Insomniac Games showed off this amazing new art for the new DLC illustrated by none other than Adi Granov, “famed Marvel illustrator and suit designer”. If you don’t recognize the name, you’ll definitely recognize his Velocity Suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man. I have to admit I was pleased to see him return in some capacity with the new DLC.

Insomniac Games The Heist
Art for The Heist from Adi Granov

Smith spoke about the variety of content in The Heist, from main missions to side activities.

“A robbery at an art museum entangles Spider-Man and MJ with an old flame from Peter Parker’s past, Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat.”

“Beyond new story missions, there’s a whole new faction of enemies, new crimes, new challenges, new trophies, and of course, three brand new suits.”

It sounds like there will be no lack of things to do when we get our hands on this first chapter in The City That Never Sleeps DLC SeriesAfter achieving 100% completion in Marvel’s Spider-Man many fans (myself included) have been eagerly awaiting some new stories to unravel, along with exciting new activities to complete in Marvel’s New York.

Also included with The Heist DLCare three new Suits for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to wear so we can all look fashionable while swinging through New York, beating up criminals.

Insomniac Games The Heist
In order from left to right; Scarlet Spider II, The Resilient Suit (Gabrielle Dell’Otto), Spider-UK Suit.

Smith said, “One we’d love to highlight is the Resilient Suit, by famed Marvel illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto. We loved bringing original suits to the game, starting with our Advanced Suit, and continuing with Adi Granov’s Velocity Suit, and this is another great one.”

“Additionally we have two more suits that fans of the comics will recognize, Spider-Man’s suit from Scarlet Spider II, and the Spider-UK suit from the Spider-Verse.”

All in all Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist is shaping up to be my most anticipated DLC packs of 2018. With new Suits to wear, all kinds of new content to complete, and one of my favorite Spider-Man characters taking center stage, Insomniac’s first DLC has some serious potential. Seeing as how Insomniac Games absolutely nailed the villains and story in the base game, I am beyond excited to see where this first batch of new DLC will take our favorite quipping Wall-Crawler in Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist, when it releases on October 23rd.

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