Intel Conference E3

PC Gaming Show powered by Intel Conference on Twitch

For the third year, the PC Gaming Show/Intel is back at E3. Intel’s conference took place before the actual PC Gaming conference.

Intel Conference: 

Intel‘s conference focused on the technological aspect of PC gaming. They presented the Core i7 processors and the new, faster Core i9 X-series. There was an 18 Core X-series live demonstration of Blizzard’s Overwatch; it presented live was the first time. Starting next week, Intel is taking pre-orders for the i7x and 9x. Intel displayed it’s partnership with ESL to fuel E-sports participation from gamers and viewers.

Also, there will be plenty more new VR game titles releasing in the near future. Lone Echo is a game where you can explore the rings of Saturn and experience a zero gravity atmosphere through VR. The game is up for pre-order at $39.99. Lone Echo however, will be free at launch on July 20th, for Oculus Rift user; this is a limited time offer.

Echo-Arena, which is part of Lone Echo, fits in the E-sports category. Multiplayer is available for a maximum of 10 players per match. Intel is taking E-sports quite seriously. With VR Challenger Elite coming out this July, the player base for E-sports should increase.

Another partnership with Intel was the music band Linkin Park. Their VR Destination game is meant to engage fans with the band. This will be available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on July 27th.

From the PC Gaming Show, we learned more information about Intel’s contribution to PC games. Intel supports AAA titles and one of those titles is Destiny 2.

Streamer TeftyTeft talked about how Bungie will support Destiny 2 on PC for the best gameplay experience. Bungie’s optimizing engine will take complete advantage of all cores. So if you have the i7x or i9x, you’ll be in for a great time gaming on PC.