Interim Patch Online for Batman: Arkham Knight


For those among you eagerly awaiting a patch for the much-maligned PC release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has some good news today. An interim patch has been released and is readily available for download through Steam, addressing many of the issues that plagued the release.


The patch notes, available for your perusal over on the Steam page, list a wide range of fixes and additions. Among the most notable are optimizations for memory and VRAM usage, more comprehensive in-game settings and improved general performance. It is worth noting that this patch has been labelled as an interim patch, with more fixes on the way.

Batman: Arkham Knight launched to a tepid reception back in June. It was removed from store shelves shortly thereafter, as a direct response to numerous customer complaints. Among the prominent issues were a stuttering, capped frame rate, severe technical and performance problems and a lack of optimization.

Source: Arkham Knight Steam Page