Interview with Toshitaka Tachibana, Producer for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


At the 2017 Anime Expo, Chief Editor Brandon Bui had an opportunity to ask Producer Toshitaka Tachibana, Producer on Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, some questions about the hit mobile title.

Brandon Bui (BB): To start this off, could you talk about yourself and your involvement with this game?

Toshitaka Tachibana (TT): I work for Bandai Namco Entertainment based in Japan, and am the producer of Dokkan Battle.

BB: What was your biggest inspiration with this title?

TT: The main theme was to keep it handy, easily accessible, and to make it a genre people couldn’t really see coming. With Dragon Ball Z, most people think a fighting, action-based game, and Dokkan is different in that regard.

BB: Of all of the characters that have released thus far in the Japanese version, what is your favorite character that you’ve been using?

TT: Vegeto Blue. I liked him as is, and in the recent Dragon Ball Super episode, he fights and turns into the Blue Saiyan form. It’s amazing, and it was action-packed, and it just got me excited to release it into the app as well.

BB: At this year’s E3, Bandai Namco announced a new Dragon Ball FighterZ title. Will there be any tie-ins to the mobile title, or will it be just a separate entity?

TT: As of now, we don’t have any solid plans but of course, if we have any collaborations that we can think of, we would love to move into that kind of area.

BB: Thank you so much for your time! It was great to meet you!