Introducing the Fan-Made “Game Boy Macro”

One fan has started making creative use of old Nintendo DS systems, and the end result is the “Game Boy Macro“, which is basically a one-screen version of the DS capable of playing Game Boy Advance games.

Before you get excited about ordering one, however, you should probably note that due to an overwhelming response, creator Anthony Thomas isn’t taking any more orders. Still, the prospect can be pretty enticing—for $130, you can get a simple, but fresh-looking system to play your old Game Boy Advance games on. The price drops to $110 if you supply the DS system yourself. You’ve got a choice between the DS “Phat” and Lite versions, and for a little bit extra, he’ll paint the console whichever way you’d like (within reason), leading to a multitude of options.

With the recent influx of attention these systems have been getting, it’ll likely be several months before the systems become readily available (if ever), but it doesn’t hurt to add your name to the wait list if you’re interested.

You can also check out more ordering details or pull out the old Game Boy Micro for some contrast, if you have one. Sadly, my own Game Boy Advance doesn’t work, and I don’t have a DS anymore, so I’m seriously thinking about grabbing one of these if I can. But I’m not going to hold my breath on that front.

Published by Sho Ryker

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