Introducing the Titans of Titanfall 2

Everyone who ventured into the Titanfall 2 tech test over the past two weekends got to play with Scorch and Ion. Even the personality of the third Titan in this dysfunctional metallic family, Ronin, has been hinted at. Respawn have now unveiled the full roster with the video above, and they look a nasty lot. Many have criticized the move away from the previous, highly customizable group of three base Titans of varying dexterity, but the above video may sway those views.


Legion is the first of the unseen Titans to drop into our lives, and is toted as being focused on defense and control. From the sounds of it, this could be equivalent of what many other games call the “Tank” class. Although, the idea of a class centered on being the bulkiest loses some of its meaning in a game like Titanfall. On the other hand, Legion can most certainly go on the offensive. Sporting a huge minigun that can swap between long and short range combat, it can unleash some devastating power upon the field, and is sure to be a favorite for the Hardpoint game-type.


We heard a little about Ronin before this video, from previous trailers and speculation, insomuch as this Titan specialized in melee. The footage demonstrates how it will stay bullet-free while still managing to get up close and personal. Ronin can make use of a stunning wave of electricity that slows its enemies, and can then disappear from space with a “Phase Dash” ability, sneaking up on enemy Titans to deliver a killing blow. Dubbed as a hit and run specialist, Ronin will need to be kept out of the line of fire, and instead deal damage in short bursts with great speed.


Northstar, though not immediately apparent in the footage, is a sniper. She (yes, “she”) looks more like an angel of death, hovering above the ground raining rockets down upon anything that happens to be beneath. Though spectacular, the main use of her flight ability is to pop up from behind cover, hover, and deal damage before descending back down to safety. Northstar can also drop mines that act as tethers, which hold enemies in place while another of her weapons, a cluster missile, does maximum damage. Inferring from these abilities, it seems she will have little overall durability, and will be a favored by those who like to stay safe and hassle from the sidelines.


Tone likes rockets. Two of its abilities involve locking onto enemies with vast salvos of explosive missiles that can be guided by the Pilot. When this Titan achieves a full lock, a tone will sound, and the website states that it will be the last sound an enemy will hear. Tone, then, can inflict some serious damage. This, along with its ability to use a sonar lock to find enemies in the vicinity, tells us that Tone is all about seeking and destroying. This Titan will be best in amongst the action, taking slight damage in the time it takes to lock on, but paying it back double.

These additions can hopefully alleviate any trepidation Titanfall fans had about the change in Titan customization. Along with Scorch and Ion, there are now a good range of defensive and offensive mechs. All of which boast a healthy arsenal. It doesn’t seem too far a stretch to imagine more Titans in title updates or DLC. Whatever the case may be, Titanfall 2 is shaping up to be an explosive affair.

Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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