Jeff Kaplan Describes Overwatch’s Competitive Mode

In a recent video, Jeff Kaplan, the game director of Overwatch, gave some details about Overwatch’s upcoming competitive revamp. The new competitive mode is coming sometime around the end of this month, although he didn’t give an exact date for it.

One season will be two and a half months, with about a two-week break between seasons, making four seasons per year. While he didn’t give specifics, competitive mode will have several different formats and game modes to choose from. He wants to minimize sudden deaths in competitive mode as well, as they happen every few games instead of being a rarer occurrence.

He then talked about the way that he wants the ranking system to work. He is trying to balance player progression versus skill. Originally, competitive mode had different tiers that players would climb up as they won. You can lose ranks within a tier, but you can never drop down to a lower tier in any given season. This created the sense of progression that they wanted, but players said the system felt too grind-heavy. The tiers felt somewhat arbitrary, and it was hard to tell how skilled you actually were compared to others. The new competitive mode will only use your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) to determine who you face up against. It is a single number rather than a tier system, which makes it more clear and hopefully more interesting for players. It will also help give some other stats, such as your team’s average MMR. As for rewards, he said competitive mode will have cosmetic rewards, some of which can only be acquired by being a top tier player.

If you want to watch the video yourself, check it out below.