Junichi Masuda to Attend E3 2016


The anticipation for E3 2016 is building up early, with Junichi Masuda announcing that he will attend the convention this year. For the unfamiliar, Masuda is a major player at Game Freak, acting as a developer for the Pokémon franchise from its roots back in Pokémon Red & Green Versions. His work has covered the gamut of operations, from programming, composing, and later, directing, designing and producing through the entirety of the Pokemon franchise, among other titles.

Although there is no official confirmation as to the purpose of his attendance, speculation has quickly run rampant. A person of such significance to the industry does not simply appear at E3 without reason, much less with an attendance announcement made several months in advance, so there may indeed be something on the way for Pokémon fans. His attendance has been tied to The Pokémon Company International, so it seems safe to anticipate something tied to the juggernaut franchise. Perhaps something special to celebrate its 20th anniversary is in order?