Killer Instinct Released For Windows 10


The legendary fighting game, Killer Instinct, has made the leap to Windows 10, after being Xbox One-exclusive since its launch in 2013. The game comes with a slew of new features and content in addition to some very nice updated visuals. The game will receive a single player mode called Shadow Lords at a later date. Additionally, a new multiplayer mode will be released in July which will tie into the single player mode. As part of the Season 3 release schedule, a total of 8 new fighters will be released over the next few months, each with unique costumes and accessories. As a free-to-play title, the available fighters will rotate on a regular basis, though individual characters can be purchased using real money for unlimited access.

Cross-platform play is available between both the PC and Xbox One releases, with save transfer available between the two platforms. Do note however, that any purchased characters or costumes will be locked to the original purchase platform. For further details, including hardware specs, head over to the official Microsoft store page. Killer Instinct is available exclusively for download through the Microsoft store, and requires Windows 10 to operate.