King Digital Entertainment Bought By Activision Blizzard

Activision’s incredibly popular Blizzard division has absorbed another company into its folds recently in the form of King Studios, the creators of the worldwide phenomenon that is Candy Crush, in an effort to expand its influence as a ‘leader in digital entertainment,’ at least according to the official document.

King Digital Entertainment was certainly a prime target for a larger company to snatch up, as even to this day their 2012 release of Candy Crush remains a popular and lucrative title, not even considering the rest of the incredibly well-known Saga series. It needs no explanation that any company with the funds to buy out King would be rolling in money, and it seems that the world’s most successful western entertainment company took advantage of the opportunity to buy the most popular mobile game developer on the market in order to capitalize on this potential gold mine of revenue.

Not that many other companies in the gaming world could even hope to match King’s asking price. The deal for King to be merged into the Activision-Blizzard brand cost a whopping $5.9 billion on Blizzard’s part, a price that is to be expected from a developer that made over $200 million in profit last year alone. Blizzard’s attempt to appeal to a wider demographic through mobile gaming has definitely caused them to go all out with the purchase of King, and one can only hope for their sake that this new partnership creates some stunning new experiences on both consoles and mobile devices.

You can read the full release about the business deal here.

Source: BBC News

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