Kingdom Hearts III Releases 2018 with New Toy Story World

Toy Story world revealed for KH3

At the D23 Expo Level Up! Video Game Showcase we just got some very exciting news about Kingdom Hearts III and we now know it will be released in 2018. People were very excited for a new world to be revealed for the highly anticipated third installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, and now it’s here. Toy Story is the new world that has been revealed, alongside with it a new gameplay trailer. Buzz and Woody join the party for the action and we get to see them in combat. Venturing to places such as Andy’s bedroom, outside of the garage and inside a sinister toy shop, Sora and gang beat up countless heartless and we even get to see Sora riding around in a giant toy mech. Check out the trailer for yourself below.

We’re not sure when in 2018 Kingdom Hearts III will drop, but let’s just hope we don’t see it delayed for another year. Let us know what you think of the trailer and for more Kingdom Hearts III news stick around here at Gamer Professionals.