Kingdom Hearts Unchained Released to the US

Kingdom Hearts fans will be excited to hear that another game from Square Enix joins the Kingdom Hearts series: Kingdom Hearts Unchained, a free to play mobile game set 100 years before the events of the Keyblade war. You take control of your chosen character and select one of five factions, each of which are vying for the Light of the world. Reminiscent of their previous game, Chain of Memories, you will utilize a card-based combat system to dispatch foes and harness special abilities. With Keyblade in hand, you will take on the countless Heartless in order to make your way through the story missions.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained

In the game, you will collect numerous characters throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. These characters will help you in combat, and you can even join your friends in a multiplayer mode to battle Raid Bosses. Though a free game, Unchained has various microtransactions that work in GACHA fashion that is commonplace among Japanese Mobile Games. In-app purchases can also be made in order to enhance your abilities for combat or for refilling your AP bar. The AP bar functions as an energy system, allowing you to participate in a certain number of missions per day. It can be refilled with items to extend your daily routine.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained was released back in Japan last September, it has recently come to our shores as of April 7th and has so far received positive reviews from it’s player base.


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