Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Release Date Confirmed

Although the wait for Kingdom Hearts III has been long and arduous, a recent announcement from Square Enix may indeed help to tide fans over. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is set to launch on iOS and Android on April 7, as confirmed in an official Square Enix blog post. The title was initially announced back at E3 last year with no word given on a release date, but it seems to be just about ready to launch.

As impenetrable as the Kingdom Hearts franchise may be to newcomers, Unchained X is designed to be as accessible as possible. It’s positioned early in the overarching narrative, and it presents characters and plot elements within a simple context. Combined with the paper cut-out aesthetic and straightforward gameplay, Unchained X presents the Kingdom Hearts franchise in a highly accessible manner. With these elements, it may serve as a handy introduction to the franchise, while providing some insight to the lore and background of the franchise for veterans.

For further details, including an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, head on over to the official blog post.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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