Kingston HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard Review


With the launch of Kingston’s HyperX gaming peripheral lineup, there are now more options than ever for PC gamers to add to their hardware. The latest product the company has brought out is the next step up from a keyboard I had previously reviewed, the HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard. While this keyboard does not have the RGB lighting elements, it does the job with individually-lit red LED keys, with the option to remove some of them in favor of titanium key caps.

The Alloy Elite builds upon the minimalist Alloy version, by adding a set of dedicated media keys and a volume wheel. The Alloy Elite is built of steel all throughout, giving the keyboard a heavy, high-quality feel. With its steel frame the Alloy Elite comes in at 1467g, which to me is nice because it doesn’t move around a lot during gameplay. Some of the keyboards I’ve used in past tended to move around a little bit more than I liked. One of the more unique features that I liked, while small, added for a nicer look. This would be the single red LED light bar that’s placed near the top of the keyboard. The red LED bar reminded me of a high-end car’s light up stripes inside the vehicle. It’s a subtle but nice touch.

The Alloy Elite also comes standard with a braided cable. The cable is thick and prevents fraying, much better than the rubber cables on other keyboard lines. We also see the return of the pass-through USB ports near the head of the keyboard, and the addition of an ergonomic wrist pad that the Alloy did not have. Several variations of the keyboard exist depending on the kinds of switches you want in the keys. The HyperX keyboard line utilizes Cherry MX switches (Red, blue, and brown), which feel very responsive and tactile during actual usage.

Some other miscellaneous features include buttons for game mode, brightness controls, and various toggles for special keyboard lighting effects. Whether it’s to highlight important keys like WASD, scrolling lights, or the breathing effect, this keyboard has enough to please the lighting enthusiast in me.

At the end of the day, the Alloy Elite is an additive model that steps the game up against the standard Alloy model. It’s a beautiful keyboard that operates very well, with the essential features I’ve come to look for with mechanical keyboards, from the Cherry MX switches to the USB pass-through ports. HyperX is doing a great job in creating more accessible gear for everyone, and at an affordable price point.

The HyperX Alloy Elite sells for $109.99 and you can purchase it through the HyperX website, or through their various partners on Amazon or the Microsoft Store.