Konami Ceases AAA Game Production

In a report distributed today by French website Gameblog, it has been announced that Konami has ceased production of its AAA gaming line, choosing to only leave Pro Evolution Soccer behind on the roster. In addition, worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has left the company, unhappy with the transition from console to mobile games.

With the departure of Hideo Kojima, and the publishing of the most recent Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as it stands Konami has little to no foothold left with any of its releases, and essentially has a blank slate going forward. With Kojima Productions having fallen out of favor with Konami due to conflicts of interest in continuing the lavish productions of Metal Gear Solid, and with reports of degrading company culture according to Nikkei, Konami is in a very precarious position, and nobody knows what will happen for both Konami and Hideo Kojima.

Source: Gameblog (via Eurogamer)

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  1. I guess the good thing is we won’t get another terrible silent hill or castlevania game. But with those there are alternatives as there are a bunch of good horror games around and bloodstained to come out soon. Good riddance I guess

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