Konami Prevents Hideo Kojima From Attending VGA 2015

Wow, that’s a big shocker. Shots were definitely fired, and a round of mass booing. Following Kiefer Sutherland’s acceptance for a video game award involving Metal Gear Solid V on his behalf, host Geoff Keighley made note, a surprising note, that Hideo Kojima was not present at the awards ceremony for legal reasons.

Apparently, it was noted that due to a contract between Kojima and Konami, Kojima was forbidden from attending the Video Game Awards. Following that, a massive round of boos and hissing ensued, but the sadness did not last long. As a tribute to the man’s famous works in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, he was honored by the playing of Quiet’s Theme by Stefanie Joosten herself, which pretty much broke everybody’s heart.

What’s the big deal Konami? That’s not cool at all. Even more bizarre is the Konami public relations department accepting Metal Gear Solid rewards on his behalf at the Playstation Awards ceremony yesterday, but that’s just another slice of strange in the ongoing drama between Kojima and Konami.

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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