Kynseed is the New 2D RPG from ex-Fable Devs


A group of developers formerly of the now-defunct Lionhead Studios have revealed their new 2D RPG called Kynseed. Lionhead was largely known for their work on the Fable franchise.

Described as “a sandbox RPG adventure where choices impact generations”, Kynseed appears to share some similarities with the hugely popular Stardew Valley. Players spend their time managing crops, exploring the village, raising livestock, and working service jobs. Developing relationships with in-game characters will have an impact on society, which carries forth through many generations. Eventually every character, including your avatar, will age and pass away. Players will then take control of their children, who will continue the story as the generations pass by.

Visually, the game is illustrated using colorful pixel art to portray the ever-changing seasons. The trailer feels somewhat melancholic, though there is a good amount of charm and quirk to it. At the very end, viewers will come across a small bit of humor. All captured footage is from an early prototype.

After Lionhead shut down, a group of its former developers went on to form PixelCount. Kynseed will be the first game from this new studio and is slated for launch in December 2018. They have a Kickstarter up with a goal of $38,850. Kynseed is currently being developed for PC, but the devs have a stretch goal to port it to consoles as well. A free prototype of the game is available on the Kickstarter page.

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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