LA Mayor: “We will make sure E3 stays here”

This morning, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to E3 attendees and the media before cutting a ribbon to officially begin the event. He spoke in glowing terms of the Entertainment Software Association and the video game industry in general.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Transcript of Mayor Garcetti’s speech:

Thank you to the entire team at ESA for another year of E3. This is our most important tech event in the city and one of the most important tech events in the world. How many of you are from LA? Raise your hand if you’re from LA. I’m fighting hard for LA and for America to bring back the Olympic Games. That’d be really cool right?

We had great news last week that looks really good. I’ll be out in Switzerland next month to try to make the cozy case to bring the games back here. But E3 is like the Olympics here every single year. That international scope, the competitors, that sense of tomorrow and what’s possible. We love E3 because it’s like we win every single year all of you are here.

Now I wake up every day giving thanks that I’m the mayor of Los Angeles and not San Andreas, because I hear there are some issues going on in that town. But LA isn’t just entertainment capital of the world, we’re the electronic entertainment capital of the world: no place on earth comes close. It’s a logical place for innovators from everywhere to come together with the world’s most enthusiastic and talented gamers.

Now if you’re one of the millions of people who have a real hard time putting down the controller each night, we are here for you. I don’t care if you’re on an Xbox, PS4, PC…. this is where you want to be. And here at the convention center learning the latest breakthroughs, seeing a sneak preview of what’s coming: that’s what this is about.

Or over at LA Live, the demos of new games, conversations with some of the biggest stars in gaming… we’ve got it all right here, and no-one’s being left out. E3 Colosseum is teaming up with Facebook, so that fans around the world could ask questions of the panelists, so anyone who couldn’t make it here today can still be here, and stream the action live on Twitch and Youtube as well.

But for the 60,000+ fans that are here, this isn’t just an opportunity to explore the future of gaming. It’s a chance to discover all that LA has to offer, and I love that a lot of hands went up that aren’t from LA. So check out our beautiful beaches, look at our attractions like the Broad Museum here, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

And I’m proud that since I was with you last year, by May 4th 2020 we’re going to have George Lucas’s museum, celebrating not just Star Wars but great art from around the world in their collections. The single biggest gift to any city in US history for a museum. Today we’re welcoming more passengers to our airport, more visitors to our cities than ever before, and I’m really pleased that my friend Doane Liu leading our tourism and development department, because the eyes of the world are on our city.

So tell friends back home what a great experience you had here. Bring other shows here, bring other exhibitions here. And all the entrepreneurs here that are shaping the future of the gaming world and social networking, people are transforming our lives, and that’s just what we do here in LA. Our region’s home to leading game companies, like of course EA, Activision, Scopely, and I’m so glad to welcome E3 back to LA

And I want to say publicly, we will make sure E3 stays here. We are gonna expand this convention center, but we are gonna do it to make sure that E3 has all the space it needs, and that as we grow they can grow too: because we want E3 to stay here in LA. To pioneer new technologies, to tell amazing stories. This is a town where we’re not only writing the scripts of new games, we’re changing the way we go into heaven with SpaceX, the way we tunnel under the earth, and the way we drive… and that’s just three of Elon Musk’s companies. We do a lot of stuff here.

So about innovation, we love E3: on behalf of four million grateful residents of LA, I want to give this to Mike and ask all the folks at ESA to keep coming back here, your second home. We love you, and have a great E3 everybody: congratulations.

Published by John Sands - Managing Editor

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