New The Last of Us Part II Trailer Debuts At Paris Games Week


During this year’s Paris Games Week Presentation, Sony decided to close the show out by showing a brand new trailer of The Last of Us Part II that is both gorgeous and absolutely brutal.

[Warning: This trailer contains some very violent scenes so view with caution.]

The trailer showcase some truly astonishing visuals as well as the gruesome acts to prepare for when the game finally releases. Naughty Dog also tweeted out some of the voice cast that is both in this trailer and in the main game. In the tweets, Naughty Dog reveals Emily Swallow voices Emily, Victoria Grace voices Yara, Ian Alexander voices Lev and rounding out the cast is the talented Laura Bailey. Laura’s character is the main character in the above trailer, but Naughty Dog seems to be keeping her character’s identity a secret for now.

While the new trailer does not answer any questions, it does show off some new characters and creates even more questions for all of us to theorize about for the next year so. Regardless of how long the wait, you can expect everyone here to be eagerly waiting for the release. For any news on The Last of Us Part II or anything else happening at Paris Games Week, stay tuned to us here at Gamer Professionals.