Lawbreakers is a fast paced action shooter from the makers of Gears of War. After five years Cliff Bleszinski plans to move on from Gears. This isn’t terrible news as he plans to make Lawbreakers with just as much, if not more, devotion. The goal with Lawbreakers is to evolve what is already in place. We all love the action, grit and gore of Gears of War and Cliffy B doesn’t plan on throwing any of that away.

Lawbreakers Level Image

This will be the first game Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brusse, overseer of Killzone, will make together. A multiplayer-only, first-person shooter influenced by games like Unreal Tournament, Lawbreakers will have two teams of five battle it out. Each player must choose a class which governs abilities and weapon load outs. The two factions are the Law and the Breakers and the only difference between them is character models.

Lawbreakers Characters
Lawbreakers Characters

The mechanics of each class are different. For instance the Assassin class can employ a grappling device, making it possible to clear gaps that others cannot and drop into combat unexpectedly. Think Destiny classes, Titanfall paced action, and Unreal Tournament styled combat. Other class features include jet packs, unique alt fire on weapons, class-specific abilities and ways to alter gravity.

Tactics in games like these can vary. Lawbreakers steers the player away from the ‘run and gun’ play style we see so often in shooters today. Beyond abilities and loadouts each class has a different size, speed and max health. You may switch classes mid match at respawn, making players much more effective during crunch time. This allows players to form battle plans with synergy, or make a single player a greater threat.

Lawbreakers will be a Steam exclusive. More maps and game modes have been promised although we probably won’t see a single player mode. The exact release day is yet to be announced, but we should hear something later this year. I for one literally can’t wait.