Life is Strange Box Set Coming to PC

Developer DONTNOD Entertainment and publisher Square Enix announced the limited edition physical release of Life is Strange will be coming to PC in addition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Available from the Square Enix store, the box set includes all five episodes of the game, directors’ commentary, the eight track original score and 14 track soundtrack, unreleased concept art, and a 32 page artbook — for all platforms the set will run you $40. The graphic adventure following student Max Caulfield who discovers she has the unique ability to control time premiered in January of 2015 and continued to release episodically throughout the year. Met with financial success and moderate critical acclaim, this after the fact physical release is likely a labor of love for fans.

Did you enjoy Life is Strange, and will you be picking up the limited edition box set? Let us know in the comments below.

Published by Ruben Circelli

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