Logitech G512 GX Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard Review


Logitech Gaming continues the trend yet again, this time with a keyboard that features a different switch. While the brand has placed new keyboards out like the G513, which I reviewed earlier this year, the latest product that has come out is the Logitech G512, which has a few minor differences than the G513.

Let’s talk about those differences. The switches on the G512 are GX Blue Switches, which are traditional mechanical switches that have a very distinctive sound and give tactile feedback. Translation? It’s a very loud keyboard. I personally am not a fan of loud keys (yet I type on a TouchBar MacBook Pro as a primary device…), as I use these keyboards in settings that require a bit of quiet. There’s something about these keys that feel obnoxious at times, and that’s something consumers are going to want to look at going forward. Furthermore, the G513 featured a memory foam wrist rest, something that the G512 does not have. This, in effect, reduces the price point to $99.99 against the $149.99 price of the G513.

The G512 and the G513 are similar in makeup, though. The keyboard is crafted from an aluminum/magnesium top case that is brushed, giving it a high-quality, premium appearance. We see the return of the RGB keyboard LEDs, the combination pairing with the Logitech Gaming Software application, and the USB passthrough. Also, the mounting screw on the top center of the keyboard is back. The keyboard can be purchased in one of the three switch sets: Romer G’s original tactile switches, the linear switches, and now the GX Blue switches, which are more familiar.

From a comfort standpoint, the loss of the memory foam wrist pad was one that I felt. I hated the thing at first, but now I’m really appreciating it, and the loss of it here is definitely noticeable. As I mentioned earlier, this keyboard is noisy and with the GX Blue switches, has this very hollow sound that almost makes it sound cheap, for lack of better description. The key travel is nearly identical in feel, and I didn’t see an increase in my typing speed. The price is $99.99 but I think it’s better to upgrade to the G513 at a higher price point for the extra comfort and quiet. The bottom of the line is, essentially, do you like noisier keys? I enjoy subtlety without the bombastic noisemaking, and therefore if push came to shove, I’d recommend the G513 over the G512 with GX Blue switches, although I definitely understand the need for the G512 given the price point. At $99.99 I’d still highly recommend the keyboard, but with the Romer G switches.