Logitech G560 Gaming Speaker Review


Finally! An RGB LED desktop speaker! I had always wanted something like this. I’ve seen friends with LED setups behind their TVs, and I have wondered why something like that has never made its way to the desktop speaker, until now.

Logitech G is not wasting time, and they introduced earlier this quarter a new LED desktop speaker that comes packed with Bluetooth connection and a bevy of additional features that make this a delight to have. Let’s start with the speakers themselves. They’re black, they’re made of plastic, and have a bit of heft to them. They connect to a 16-inch subwoofer that doubles as a convenient foot rest – that’s just a personal thing, though. The whole package together is almost 20 pounds, durable and made to last. The lighting is behind the speakers themselves, and there are also accent areas near the grilles. On the right speaker, there is a power button, Bluetooth connection, volume controls, and brightness toggle, with a headphone jack to boot.

The first and immediate feature to note is that these speakers are loud. They pack some of the most powerful sound I’ve heard in a desktop speaker at this price level, and the sound is customizable, highly customizable, using the Logitech Gaming Software app. The speaker has support for Dolby DTS:X Virtual Sound, and integrates with all other Logitech gaming gear. The 240W sound output is impossible to miss once you set it up, a process that is extremely quick and easy. Plug and play works right out the box. It’s got a ton of bass, and you know I’m all about that bass, no treble. In gamer terms, though, your gunshots are going to sound impressive, perfect for the Fortniteand PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsfans. These noises, as well as your music, pulse and flicker with the speaker. Even the sound of voices can make the lighting effects go off.

The speaker has something unique about it that when first pitched to me blew my mind. I’ve personally never seen something like this. The ability to sync the LED lighting with the screen, a feature the company called screen sampling, highly impressed me. What this means is that, in the Logitech app, you can select an area of your computer screen, and the dominant color of that section will be the color the LED lights put out. For movies, this feature works nicely and adds significantly to the immersion factor. I like the steps that Logitech took here, because in doing so, they’ve created a product that stands alone, and in a tide of products that all are trying to push RGB, this small feature is something that I appreciate, and it’s all thanks to their LIGHTSYNC technology.

Is this a top-end speaker in the sound quality department? It’s not quite the greatest in class, and it doesn’t have to be, but if you think about the price, it’s a solid option. It plays well against its siblings, and manages to differentiate itself with the lighting effects, screen sampling immersion, and the high sound output. I do have some minor hiccups with it, which mainly involve the lack of support with a lot of titles currently, and the lack of support for macOS at present. My main workhorse is a MacBook, and I look forward to seeing further support, which is inevitable given the highly customizable SDK. I’d recommend this speaker solely for its unique lighting effects and features alone, and at this price point, it’s a great deal with the Logitech quality that customers know and love. The price point it’s being offered at, while a bit higher than anticipated, will give a truly unique, standalone product that will add a powerful flair to any gamer’s collection.